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Privacy Policy of the Internet WEB site

This document describes the methods for the management of the Internet WEB site (hereinafter the WEBSITE), with reference to the

processing of the users' personal data.

Information is given in compliance with Article 13 of the Legislative Decree number 196 dated 30 June 2003, "Code on the protection

of personal data", to those who interact with the web services (hereinafter the SERVICES) of Service One Line S.R.L. which can be

electronically accessed from the address:

Information is only provided for the WEBSITE of Service One Line S.R.L. and not for other web sites that the user may enter through

a hypertext link (hereinafter the LINK).


If the WEBSITE has been entered, the data of the persons who have been or can be identified might be processed.

The "owner" of data processing is Service One Line S.R.L..


The processing connected with the SERVICES of this WEBSITE occurs in the place mentioned above and is entrusted to technical

staff or, occasionally, to staff in charge of the maintenance activities.

No data obtained from the SERVICES are communicated or disseminated.

The personal data provided by the users who submit requests to receive informative material (e.g. newsletters, answers to questions,

etc.) are only used to carry out the requested SERVICE or activity and are shared with third parties only when necessary.


Navigation data

The IT systems and the software procedures in place for the WEBSITE acquire, when normally operated, some personal data the

transmission of which is implied in the use of the Internet communication protocols.

The information is not collected to be associated with identified parties, but, due to their features, they might identify the users if

processed and associated with third party's data.

This category includes the IP addresses or the computer domain names used by the users connecting with the website, the URI

(Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to

the server, the dimension of the response file, the number code that indicates the state of the server reply (successful, error, etc.) and

other parameters affecting the operative system and the user's IT environment.

These data are used to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to control the appropriateness of use;

they are immediately deleted after being processed. The data might be used to verify responsibility, should any computer crime

against the website be committed.

Data provided by the user on a voluntary basis

E-mails sent optionally, explicitly and voluntarily, using electronic forms, through this WEBSITE imply that the sender's address is

acquired, so that the requests can be met; also any other personal data contained in the message will be acquired.Data registration

The information requested through the electronic form shall be used to give access to the SERVICES.

Service One Line S.R.L. may, if necessary, communicate the personal data of the users to other companies to guarantee the correct

execution of the activities connected with or instrumental to the provision of the SERVICES.

Moreover, since registration is a prerequisite to access the SERVICES, the users' personal data, after the service has been selected

and more information has been provided, shall be handled for purposes connected with and / or instrumental to the selected


If the selected SERVICES are managed by third parties, the data shall be communicated to the affected operators. The latter shall be

considered as the "owners" for the provision of the services falling under their own responsibility.


No user personal data are deliberately acquired by the WEBSITE.

No cookies are used to send personal information; no persistent cookies or any other systems are used to track the users.

The use of session cookies (which are not persistently stored in the user's pc and disappear as the browser is closed) is limited to the

transmission of the session identification data (composed of random numbers generated by the server) that are needed for the safe

and effective WEBSITE exploration.

The session cookies used in this website prevent the use of other IT techniques which might jeopardise the user's confidentiality and

the acquisition of the user's personal identification data.


With the exception of the navigation data, the user may or may not enter his/her personal data in the forms to request informative

material or any other communications.

If data are not provided, the request might not be met.

For the sake of completeness, it is important to note that in some cases (which are not the object of the normal management of this

website), the authority may request news and information as per Article 157 of the Legislative Decree number 196 dated 30 June

2003, with the aim of controlling the personal data processing. In these case, the reply is compulsory, under penalty of an

administrative sanction.


Personal data are handled as automated instruments for the time that is strictly needed to reach the objectives for which they have

been collected.

Specific security measures are implemented to prevent data loss, illegal or inappropriate use and unauthorised access.


The subjects to whom the personal data refer are entitled to receive, at any time, confirmation of the existence or non-existence of the

data, information on the content and origin, to verify the correctness of the data or request data integration, update or correction

(Article 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196 dated 30 June 2003).

In compliance with the above-mentioned article, cancellation, change into anonymous form or block of the data can be requested, if

the data have been processed disregarding the law in force; for legitimate reasons, data processing can also be opposed.

The requests shall be submitted to the registered office of the owner of processing.

This document is the "Privacy Policy" of this WEBSITE.

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